What can Morpheus8 Treat?

Are you interested in correcting sagging skin, stretch marks, skin discoloration, and crepey skin on the face and body without surgery? Morpheus8 in Irvine provides a revolutionary combination of therapies to rejuvenate aging skin. Read on to learn more about this treatment and if it can benefit you.

RF Energy and Microneedling: The Dream Team

Morpheus8 is a modern device that combines the rejuvenating effects of microneedling with the collagen-boosting effects of radiofrequency (RF) energy to deliver a double impact on skin aging.

RF Energy

When applied to the skin, RF energy has a multifaceted rejuvenating effect. The layers of tissue where skin damage occurs are specifically targeted by short, intense bursts of energy. Collagen formation, the protein responsible for the suppleness and resilience of youthful skin, is boosted with each burst, among other healing mechanisms.

Wrinkles, sagging skin, and lines all result from a loss of collagen.
Morpheus improves the look and texture of skin by increasing collagen formation, which establishes new structural networks responsible for the skin’s radiant youth. Furthermore, the mild heat from the RF energy helps tighten skin by reducing cells that expand and cause sagging.


Microneedling is a time-tested method for combating aging skin. The microneedling device has tiny, thin needles that penetrate the top layers of skin. Like RF energy, microneedling creates controlled damage that stimulates healing and boosts collagen production.
Morpheus8 elevates microneedling to another level. Unlike typical RF treatments delivered on the skin’s surface, Morpheus8 uses microneedles to deliver RF energy to deeper tissue layers, where damage originates. This enhances the effects of each separate treatment for more effective collagen remodeling and better results.

3 Skin Issues Solved by Morpheus

Morpheus addresses a wide range of complexion concerns, including:

1. Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Long periods spent in the sun damages collagen fibers with ultraviolet radiation, resulting in fine lines and wrinkles, commonly known as photoaging. Morpheus8 stimulates collagen synthesis, hence mitigating photoaging-related damage.

2. Sagging Skin

UV rays, aging, stress, heredity, and illness are all potential causes of collagen breakdown. Morpheus’s collagen-regeneration properties aid in repairing damaged collagen networks, resulting in revitalized, more youthful skin.

3. Skin Discoloration

Morpheus8 delivers energy to the superficial layers of damaged skin, diminishing hyperpigmentation and signs of sun damage. This, in turn, improves your skin’s skin tone for a more youthful appearance.

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