Volbella: The Only FDA-Approved Undereye Filler

At Elite Aesthetics & Wellness in Newport Beach, and Irvine CA, we strive to provide our patients with the latest and safest treatments in cosmetic surgery. While Juvéderm® Volbella™ XC has been in use for some time at our office as a lip filler, we are now excited to use it for newly approved use as an undereye filler.

The FDA Approval of Juvéderm® Volbella™ XC

Volbella was first FDA-approved in 2016 to be used on the lips and around the mouth and chin. Volbella is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler. Hyaluronic acid is a sugar molecule naturally found in the body and it helps to hydrate and plump the skin. When injected into wrinkled or loose skin, this plumping effect minimizes the appearance of age-related volume loss. Since 2018, Allergan has been clinically testing the use of Volbella under the eyes. Among 160 participants, 90% were satisfied were their results after one year and would recommend Volbella to their friends for under-eye treatment.

Why Volbella is the Best Choice

One of the main benefits of Volbella is its ability to produce natural-looking results. Volbella in Irvine is made with a unique VYCROSS technology that blends the hyaluronic acid molecules with low molecular weight into a soft and smooth formula. Its unique consistency allows for a more gradual and subtle improvement in the appearance of the undereye area, which means that patients can enjoy a refreshed and youthful appearance without looking “overdone.” The soft consistency also minimizes the risk of bumps in the skin after filler injection, especially in the delicate tissues under the eye.

Additionally, Volbella contains lidocaine, a local anesthetic that helps to minimize discomfort during the injection process. This means that patients can expect a relatively pain-free experience with minimal downtime.

What to Expect During Your Treatment

During your initial consultation at Elite Aesthetics & Wellness, our team will evaluate your skin and recommend the best treatment plan to help you achieve your desired results. We will discuss your medical history, any medications you may be taking, and any allergies you may have to ensure that Volbella is the right choice for you.

On the day of your treatment, we will first apply a topical numbing cream to the area to minimize any discomfort during the injection process. The Volbella will then be injected into the undereye area using a very fine needle. The entire process typically takes about 30 minutes, and most patients can return to their normal activities immediately after their treatment.

The Results

Patients typically notice a significant improvement in the appearance of dark circles or under-eye hollows immediately after their treatment. However, it is important to note that the full results of Volbella may take several days to become fully apparent. Results can last up to a year but may vary depending on the individual patient.

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