There are different forms of acne of varying degrees of severity, including:

  • Blackheads (open clogged pores).
  • Whiteheads (closed clogged pores).
  • Red, small, tender bumps (papules).
  • Pustules, which are small, red bumps with pus at their tips.
  • Nodules, which are large, solid, painful bumps underneath the skin.
  • Cystic lesions, which are painful, pus-filled bumps under the skin. 

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What Causes Acne Scars?

Acne scars occur when a blemish is inflamed and the skin pore is full of dead skin cells, excess oil, and bacteria. The pore swells and breaks the follicular wall. While shallow acne lesions usually heal quickly and on their own, deeper breaks in the pore wall can lead to deeper lesions. The skin will try to repair these with the formation of new collagen, resulting in acne scarring. 

Overall, there are a variety of different acne scars, including the following:

Boxcar scars:

Broad, box-like scars with sharply defined edges. They are most commonly caused by widespread acne or chickenpox and are usually seen on areas like the jaw and lower cheeks.

Ice pick scars:

Are smaller, narrower scars that dip into the skin’s surface. These scars are most commonly seen on the cheeks.

Rolling scars:

Have varying depth and sloping edges that make the skin appear uneven.

Treatment Options for Acne and Acne Scars

At Elite Aesthetics and Wellness, we offer an array of treatment options to address both acne and acne scars. Our team will work with you to determine the best plan of action for your individual skincare goals.

Skincare Regimen

Taking care of your skin on a daily basis is extremely important to the way your skin looks and feels. Having a personalized skincare regimen can help to combat acne, acne scarring, sun damage, and premature aging for a beautiful complexion. At our office, we carry Alastin Skincare®, SkinCeuticals®, and VI Derm Beauty medical-grade skincare products to help our clients look and feel their absolute best. Our team will be happy to assess your skin and speak with you regarding your skin goals to create a skincare regimen just for you. 


Morpheus8 is a skin rejuvenation treatment that combines microneedling with radiofrequency technology to trigger collagen and elastin production, softening the appearance of acne scars and rejuvenating your overall complexion. 

Lumecca IPL

Lumecca is a non-invasive intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment to effectively diminish the appearance of pigmented and vascular lesions. It can also eliminate the stubborn red or dark marks left behind following an acne breakout. Plus, unlike other IPL treatments, Lumecca delivers up to 3X more energy for more effective diminishment of pigmentation for the best possible results. 

VI Chemical Peel

A VI peel is a medium-depth chemical peel used to treat signs of aging, correct pigmentation issues, and improve overall skin texture. Created with a combination of retinol, acids, vitamins, and minerals, it aims to treat specific skin conditions such as fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne and acne scarring, and more. Similarly, to other chemical peels, the VI peel works by exfoliating the skin, sloughing off dead skin cells, and stimulating the production of collagen and elastin to improve signs of skin aging. At our office, we also offer VI Peel Purify Precision Plus, which is specifically created to address acne and acne scarring for a smoother, more even complexion.

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