During the natural aging process, our skin slows its production of elastin and collagen, which are necessary for smooth, toned, youthful-looking skin. Because of this, facial lines and wrinkles can begin to appear on many areas of the face, giving us an aged or tired appearance. Juvéderm® is an effective, non-surgical treatment option to help combat moderate to severe lines and wrinkles for a more youthful look. At Elite Aesthetics and Wellness, we will create a personalized filler treatment plan to help you meet your anti-aging goals.

What is Juvéderm®?

Juvéderm® is an injectable filler that is FDA approved to correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds. Created with hyaluronic acid (HA), it works by adding volume under the tissue to plump the skin, smoothing out unwanted lines and wrinkles.

Juvéderm® can be used to treat many different areas, including:

Forehead lines
Crow’s feet
Hollow under eyes
Loss of volume in the cheeks
Lip lines
Marionette lines
Nasolabial folds
And more
Who is a Candidate for Juvéderm®?

Adults 21 years and older who wish to soften the appearance of lines and wrinkles can often benefit from Juvéderm® skin injection procedures. However, those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, have a history of keloid scarring, or have an active infection in the treatment site should not receive this cosmetic treatment. Overall, the best way to determine if you are a good candidate is to schedule a consultation appointment at our office.

What to Expect During Your Juvéderm® Treatment?

During your treatment session, your injector will begin by offering a topical numbing cream, as well as marking the areas to be treated. However, because Juvéderm® contains lidocaine, numbing cream is not always necessary. Juvéderm® will then be skillfully injected into the targeted areas using a small needle. Your injector may lightly massage the area to ensure an even distribution of the product. This treatment process can take anywhere from 15-60 minutes to complete, depending on the number and size of the treatment areas.

During my visit to Elite Aesthetics & Wellness, I was greeted by the warm and friendly staff who walked me through every step of the process before getting started since it was my first time. My treatment was so relaxing and enjoyable. I fell asleep because it was such a gentle feeling and I felt so comfortable. When we finished, I couldn’t believe how incredible my skin looked. Clear, plump and youthful. The perfect treatment as I was headed to a celebration for my birthday that same evening. I would highly encourage any of my family or friends to do a treatment with this amazing team. They are trustworthy, professional, warm and produce top-notch results.

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Juvéderm® Results

Following your Juvéderm® treatment, you may experience temporary redness, tenderness, itching, or bumps at the injection site. While there is no downtime required, we do advise that you avoid exercise, strenuous activity, and sun exposure for at least 24 hours after treatment to ensure the best results.

Noticeable results will be apparent right after injections and will continue to improve for the next 2 weeks. Results can last from 6 months to 2 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear makeup after Juvederm?

Patients should avoid wearing makeup for at least 24 hours after treatment. This is because the treatment sites should remain sterile during this time to prevent infection.

Can you drink alcohol after Juvederm?

You should avoid drinking alcohol for 24 hours after treatment for best results.

Can you get half a syringe of Juvederm?

It is possible to get a half syringe of Juvederm, but it is rarely done. Most of the time people find that this is not enough product and opt for a full syringe.

Can juvederm be reversed?

Juvederm and fillers that are formulated with hyaluronic acid can be reversed with an enzyme known as hyaluronidase. Injecting this enzyme into the treated area dissolves the particles of hyaluronic acid.

Can you wash your face after Juvederm?

Patients can gently wash their face following Juvederm. However, it is important to avoid excessive touching or massaging of the treatment areas for six hours after injection.

Does Juvederm work immediately?

Some results will be noticeable right after injection. However, it usually takes about two weeks to see the full results of Juvederm injections.

How can I make Juvederm last longer?

In order to maintain results, be sure to avoid staying in the sun for long periods of time, eat healthy foods, and use quality skincare products. Touch up appointments will be necessary, however, since Juvederm is not permanent.

Does juvederm look natural?

Yes, Juvederm is created to add a natural-looking plumpness under the skin for a more youthful appearance.

Can juvederm migrate?

In rare cases, Juvederm can migrate to other areas of the face within a few days of injection. This happens when the filler moves before it has bonded with the facial tissue.

Is Juvederm covered by insurance?

Because Juvederm is an elective cosmetic procedure, it is not covered by insurance.

Can you split a syringe of Juvederm?

While it is possible to split a syringe, it is not advised due to the risk of cross-contamination. Juvederm comes in 1.0 and .5 cc syringes, and a smaller syringe can be used if a full syringe isnt needed.

Does juvederm dissolve over time?

Juvederm will dissolve on its own, usually within 6 months.

Does juvederm stimulate collagen?

Juvéderm is not a biostimulating filler. Instead, it uses hyaluronic acid (HA) to restore volume. Better ways to stimulate collagen include microneedling treatments like Morpheus8.

How long does Juvederm last?

This can depend on factors like your treatment area, natural metabolism, and specific injectable product. Juvederm can last for 6-12 months, at which point you can return for a touch-up treatment.

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Juvéderm Uses

For acne scars: Juvéderm dermal fillers can be injected under the skin to help add volume under concave acne scars, resulting in a smoother surface.

For under-eye bags: Juvéderm can be used to treat mild under-eye bags and eye hollowness for a more alert, youthful appearance.

For marionette lines: Dermal filler like Juvéderm can be used to add volume to marionette lines, smoothing them and making them less noticeable.

For laugh lines: Laugh lines like nasolabial folds can easily be diminished with Juvéderm filler.

For dark circles: Hollowness under the eyes can lead to the appearance of dark circles. Juvéderm can restore volume in this area to treat dark circles.

For under-eye wrinkles: Wrinkles under the eyes can be smoothed with Juvéderm filler.

For frown lines: Frown lines, also called the “11s” can be minimized with Juvéderm filler.

For crow’s feet: Juvéderm can be used to smooth unwanted lines and creases at the outer corners of the eyes, also called crow’s feet.

For vertical lip lines: Lip lines are vertical wrinkles that form above the upper lip. Juvéderm can be injected into this area to smooth these lines.

For under-eye hollows: Hollows under the eyes can make us appear tired or aged. Filler can help to restore the youthful volume in this area for a refreshed look.

For smile lines: Smile lines around the mouth and nose can be smoothed away with Juvéderm filler.

For forehead wrinkles: Forehead wrinkles can often be corrected with Botox and Juvéderm filler for a more youthful appearance.

For smokers’ lines: Smoker’s lines, or the lines that appear around the lips with age, can be easily treated with Juvéderm filler.

For nasolabial folds: Nasolabial folds are lines that run from the sides of the nose down to the corners of the mouth. Juvéderm is a great option for adding volume under these folds for a smoother look.

For sagging jawline: Juvéderm can be used as jawline filler to help give the jaw area a more defined look.

For upper lip lines: Upper lip lines are pesky, unwanted vertical lines that appear above the lip. Juvéderm can smooth these lines for a more youthful smile.

For chin wrinkles: Juvéderm filler can be used to treat the skin of the chin to address lines, wrinkles, creases, and dimpling.

For chin augmentation: If you are unhappy with the shape or projection of your chin, Juvéderm is a great nonsurgical option to balance out facial features.

For thin lips: If you are bothered by thin lips and would like to add volume to them for a more proportionate facial appearance, Juvéderm is an effective option.

For glabellar lines: Glabellar lines, or the vertical lines that appear between the brows, can be reduced with Juvéderm filler.

For mouth lines: Lines around the mouth can make us appear aged. Juvéderm filler can add volume to soften these lines.

For eye wrinkles: Juvéderm is a great option for smoothing and softening unwanted lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

For lip filler or lip augmentation: Juvéderm is a great option for adding plumpness, volume, and shape to the lips. Both men and women can benefit from filler for the lips.

For turkey neck: Loose, wrinkled skin on the neck can be plumped and smoothed easily with Juvéderm.

For mid-cheek filler or cheek augmentation: If you have lost youthful volume in the mid-face area, Juvéderm is a fantastic option to help you reach a more youthful appearance.

For wrinkles in neck: Neck lines and wrinkles can be smoothed over with Juvéderm injections.

For uneven lips: Juvéderm can be injected into the lips to even out any uneven distribution of tissue or plumpness.

For fuller face: If you are bothered by a face that has lost youthful volume due to age or genetics, Juvéderm can help. This filler can restore lost volume under the skin for a youthful appearance

For distorted lips: If your lips are uneven, Juvéderm can be used to even them out for a more desirable pout.

For neck lines: Neck lines and wrinkles in the neck can be smoothed with Juvéderm filler.

Filler for nasolabial folds: Nasolabial folds can be easily treated with Juvéderm filler for a more youthful look.

For eye lift: A nonsurgical eye lift can be achieved with a Juvéderm filler. When it is injected into both upper eyelids, it corrects upper eyelid hollowness for a more youthful appearance.

For aging lips: Aging lips that have lost volume and fullness over time can be corrected with Juvéderm filler!

For tear trough: The tear troughs can become sunken looking as we age. Juvéderm filler can be used to add volume beneath the lower lids for a more youthful look.

For enlarged pores: New studies have shown that hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvéderm can lead to smaller pores.

For nasal folds: Folds around the nose can cause us to look aged or tired. Juvéderm can add volume under the skin to smooth these folds.

For chest wrinkles: The chest is one area that can easily give away your age. Juvéderm can be used to smooth chest wrinkles.

For perioral lines: Perioral lines, or lines that spread from the border of the mouth, can be smoothed over with Juvéderm.

For laugh lines bumps: Lines around the nose and mouth can be combatted with Juvéderm, which adds volume under the skin to smooth these lines over.

Fillers for smile lines: Smile lines around your nose and mouth can make you appear aged. Juvéderm can be used to smooth these lines for quick results.

For cheekbones: For more pronounced cheeks, Juvéderm can be used to volume near the cheekbones for a lifted appearance.

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