Lip fillers are the perfect way to achieve non-surgical lip augmentation. At our office, patients can choose from a wide variety of hyaluronic acid lip fillers to plump and smooth the upper or lower lips.

What is Lip Augmentation? 

Lip augmentation is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that uses hyaluronic acid fillers to plump the lips, enhance the Cupid’s bow, correct lip asymmetry, and smooth vertical lip lines (also called lipstick lines or smoker’s lines). Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance in the body that hydrates and plumps the skin. The added moisturization of hyaluronic acid will also give the lips a dewy, smooth appearance. 

Dermal fillers have a thinner, flexible formula that is designed specifically for the delicate skin of the lips. At your consultation, we will discuss each of these options with you to develop a customized treatment plan for your lip augmentation in Newport Beach.

Who is a Candidate for Lip Augmentation?

The best candidates for lip augmentation are healthy adults aged 21 or older who want to enhance the size of their naturally thin lips. People with a history of keloid scarring, blood clotting disorders, or an allergy to lidocaine should not receive this treatment. Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding should wait to receive lip enhancement treatments. The best way to determine whether you are a candidate is to schedule a consultation with our certified injectors at Elite Aesthetics & Wellness.

What to Expect During Your Lip Augmentation? 

Before your lip augmentation appointment, we will determine which lip filler is best for your desired results. Treatment starts by cleansing the lips and applying a topical numbing cream if needed (Juvéderm® Ultra contains lidocaine in its formula). Once you are comfortable, your injector will carefully inject the filler into a few points in and around the lips. Lip injections typically take 30 minutes or less, depending on the number of injections needed. We can also offer a lidocaine nerve block for the lip so the injection is virtually painless during treatment.

During my visit to Elite Aesthetics & Wellness, I was greeted by the warm and friendly staff who walked me through every step of the process before getting started since it was my first time. My treatment was so relaxing and enjoyable. I fell asleep because it was such a gentle feeling and I felt so comfortable. When we finished, I couldn’t believe how incredible my skin looked. Clear, plump and youthful. The perfect treatment as I was headed to a celebration for my birthday that same evening. I would highly encourage any of my family or friends to do a treatment with this amazing team. They are trustworthy, professional, warm and produce top-notch results.

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Lip Augmentation Results 

After lip filler injections, mild swelling and bruising around the injection sites is common but these symptoms will improve within a few days. We recommend that you avoid strenuous activity and direct sun exposure for 24 hours to minimize swelling and discomfort. Although some improvement can be seen immediately after treatment, complete results will take about two weeks to develop as the filler settles into your skin. Lip fillers typically last up to one year and the results can be touched up with additional injections.

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