5 Advantages of Using Evoke Over Other Noninvasive Facial Remodeling Treatments

Facial remodeling is a procedure that requires a particular level of expertise to make the entire process flawless– Evoke facial remodeling is a unique procedure that surpasses the use of other non-invasive facial remodeling treatments. Here are five benefits you can get from using the Evoke procedure over other procedures:

1. The Treatment is Hands-Free

Evoke is a hands-free remodeling platform that provides the patient with customized face contours, and contains fully programmable applicators that deliver bipolar radiofrequency (RF) energy. The hand-free option helps increase Evoke’s convenience while reducing patient-physician contact when carrying out the session.

This approach ensures a comfortable position for the patient to relax while undertaking the treatment and enables them to swiftly continue with their activities after the session.

2. The Treatment is Fully Customizable

The treatment uses RF energy which is provided with the precise intensity, duration, and depth which coincide with the facial anatomy of the patient. The treatment is tailored to address individual needs with the use of A.C.E (Acquire, Control, and Extend) technology that ensures uniform treatment of the entire facial skin.

3. Treatment Pinpoints the Common Area Problem

Most patients have issues in the area between the jowls and the cheeks as it indicates the signs of aging– inadequacy in the levels of elastin and collagen contributes to the hollowing present in the midface and the sagging of the skin experienced along the jawline.

In most cases, these symptoms cannot be addressed with topical treatments or exercise. Fortunately, Evoke’s device guarantees a secure fit which allows the device to identify and target the specific concerns areas. Furthermore, the RF energy passed into the lower dermal tissue makes the skin smoother and firmer.

4. The Treatment is Safe For Different Skin Types

The application of a color-blind radiofrequency technology makes Evoke’s system effective for non-surgical face contouring that is safe for all skin types. RF energy tends to go deep inside the surface of the skin–as a result, there is no risk associated with tissue or skin damage during the procedure.

5. No Downtime, No pain, and No Anesthesia Required

Even though many procedures aid in face rejuvenation, unlike the other forms of treatments, Evoke is deemed very comfortable. Other procedures require components such as numbing cream applied in the area before the procedure. With Evoke, patients report feeling a sharp warmth and having small contractions similar to getting a facial massage.


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