Evoke: Facial Sculpting Without Needles

Are You Ready For Facial Sculpting Without Needles in Irvine?

Many people want to know more about facial contour treatments but are a bit apprehensive about the procedure and healing time. With the new Evoke procedure, it is possible to achieve pain-free contouring without cutting or injections.

What is Evoke?

Treatments using Evoke take an innovative and non-invasive approach to facial contouring. The procedure allows the patient to get the more defined look they are looking for without surgery or downtime. The bi-polar radio frequency technology targets layers deep in the skin, which in turn stimulates  the production of collagen. Treatments with Evoke can reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and sagging along the face and neck area.

How Does Evoke Work?

The Evoke needle-free applicator is placed on the area of skin that needs treatment. The energy from the radiofrequency heats up the underlying skin layers, melts fat cells and causes the collagen to slim and lift the area. It can treat specific areas of the face to sculpt the facial muscles that you want to see more definition in.

What Are The Benefits Of Evoke?

Evoke offers several benefits for those seeking a more vibrant and youthful appearance. In addition to having no downtime and no needles, clients will enjoy the following:

  • A more defined chin and jawline.
  • More contoured cheekbones.
  • Skin is tightened over the jowls, neckline and chin.
  • Skin has a more firm look due to collagen production.
  • Skin appears more smooth and wrinkles are greatly reduced.
  • Face has a slimmer look due to the fat reduction in the cheeks, jowls, and chin.

The Evoke procedure produces an enhanced and more natural looking effect. The results are even comparable to a more invasive traditional facelift. The procedure works so well because it works very gently and in conjunction with the body’s natural impulses. Most find this method a much better alternative to that cutting pulling and injecting that goes along with more invasive procedures.

Once the procedure is over, people can go back to their normal activities. The only thing that is felt during the treatment is a warm sensation. There is no pain and no downtime due to discomfort.

How Long Before I See Results?

Many people report seeing results after the first treatment alone. However, in most cases, clients will see the best results after 3-6 treatments. Each treatment can be spaced about a week apart to receive the most effective results. Each patient is different and expected timelines have a lot to do with your skin type and goals. Your doctor can help you determine exactly what you need during a consultation.

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