Understanding the Stages of Lip Filler Swelling

If you are dissatisfied with the look of your lips, lip filler might be appropriate for you. Many women choose this cosmetic procedure to achieve fuller, plumper, more attractive lips. While these procedures are generally considered safe, it’s possible to experience swelling. These are the stages of lip filler treatments and what to expect.

How Does Lip Filler Work?

There are many flip filler options available. It’s a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that uses injections directly into the lips. Similar to dermal fillers, it aims to plump up the lips without affecting any muscles. Some of the most common lip fillers on the market are Juvederm and Restylane.

Generally, most fillers use at least one of three active ingredients. Usually, this includes hyaluronic acid, poly-lactic acid, or calcium hydroxylapatite. Those that focus on the lips typically contain hyaluronic acid. However, the one thing that all lip fillers have in common is that they use a gel substance injected directly into the lips to leave a fuller appearance in the mouth. These products are considered safe and provide satisfactory results to many clients.

Does Lip Filler Hurt?

Although lip filler treatments are generally non-invasive, they do use needles. You might worry that the procedure hurts; however, the needle is fine, and you will be given a numbing cream to the treated area ahead of time, which will ease any pain and discomfort you might otherwise experience. Depending on the product used for your treatment, it can consist of lidocaine, which is included as part of the injection to numb your lips.

Lip Filler Swelling Stages

Everyone receiving lip filler treatment is different, so the healing process might differ from person to person. However, swelling is normal after this type of procedure. How long it lasts and its severity depends on factors like health history. There are different stages of swelling you can expect, regardless.

Immediately Following Treatment

Immediately after your procedure, you may have some swelling and redness. The latter usually lasts only a few hours. You may also notice an asymmetry in your lips regarding swelling, which is temporary and fades after a few weeks.

One Day After Treatment

One day after your lip filler treatment, you may have additional swelling. Your upper lip may even protrude over the lower lip. This should ease throughout the day. You can use a cold compress on your lips and sleep with your head elevated to reduce the swelling.

Two Days After Treatment

By day two, the swelling should continue fading. You may notice tenderness beginning to vanish as well.

Three Days After Treatment

On day three, you should feel more like yourself and have an easier time eating, drinking, and talking. However, you still have to adjust to your newly plump lips. You may have a lisp that lasts until you adjust to your fuller lips.

Two Weeks After Treatment

After two weeks, you should feel normal again. Anything that felt different or strange should be behind you at this point. You can resume skincare treatments, dental appointments, and more.

Four Weeks After Treatment

By the four-week mark, you should notice the full results of your lip filler procedure and should no longer have any swelling. You may have to visit the office for follow-ups so your provider can check your progress. You can also get touch-ups if necessary.

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