VI-Peel: The 10 Day Post-Treatment Plan

Do you want to get beautiful and luminous skin? VI-PEEL is a state-of-the-art resurfacing treatment offered at Elite Aesthetics & Wellness in Newport Beach, and Irvine, CA. Our office is run under their chief provider, D’Andra Lee, an expert in skincare. Our team aims to help women achieve prime radiance after just a single session of this peel.

What is a VI-PEEL?

VI-PEEL is an innovative medical peel with ingredients that provide holistic improvement to your skin and health.  Any skin condition, whether acne impurity, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, or uneven coloring, can be addressed with a VI-PEEL. However, like all skincare regimens, proper care and treatment are crucial to ensure effective outcomes. For further details, please read below to find out our 10-day post-treatment skin plan for radiant and revived complexions.

Day 1-3: Be Good to Skin

When that VI-PEEL reservoir is on your damaged skin, you will feel like you have had a slight sunburn with some itching and reddening. This is natural and a reflection of effective peeling. Avoid hard cleansers or scrubs and excessive sun exposure during this period. Instead, cleanse and moisturize gently to maintain the skin’s hydration, relieving any possible annoyances.

Day 4-7: Exfoliation Phase

By around day 4 or 5, the peeling process will start, and there might be some flaking or peeling of your outer skin layer. This is the elimination stage and should be essential in removing old dead skin cells away. One should not scratch or pick at their skin but allow the peeling to occur naturally.

Day 8-10: Maintenances and Continued Results

By now, your skin should become smoother, glowing, and appear rejuvenated with a uniform texture. You should continue to use gentle products and moisturizers as part of the healing process. Alternatively, adding serums and creams explicitly tailored to your skincare concerns may produce even more excellent outcomes.

Aftercare Advice for Sustainable Results

After the first ten days, there are steps you can take to ensure that the long-term benefits of your VI-PEEL prevail. These include preventing sun exposure on your skin, by applying at least 30 SPF daily and avoiding long-term and mandatory UV radiation. In addition to that, adding regular skin care into your daily routine is beneficial, and scheduling follow-up procedures every six months will maintain a beautiful outcome. We are dedicated to helping you meet your skincare objective and highlight the beauty within.

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D’Andra Lee is a board-certified family nurse practitioner recognized by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. She holds dual Bachelor’s Degrees in Health Science and Nursing from California State University, Fullerton, and California Baptist University, respectively, where she also earned her Master’s in Nursing.
With a background as a neuro-trauma registered nurse at a level 1 trauma center, D’Andra emphasizes the importance of self-care for overall well-being. Her passion for skincare and aesthetics is rooted in a commitment to preventative care and maintaining a natural, youthful look. Passionate about empowering her patients, D’Andra specializes in delivering facial aesthetics that enhance beauty and boost confidence.

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