3 Steps to Maximize Your Results From a VI Chemical Peel

Everyone wants great-looking skin. Wrinkled and loose facial skin is not what you want to see every time you look in the mirror. Instead of covering it with makeup, consider a more permanent solution that will give you excellent results, a VI brand chemical peel.

A VI Peel in Irvine is formulated to provide customized alternatives to traditional chemical peels and achieve results similar to those seen with invasive surgical procedures or expensive facial lasers. It’s a process that can dramatically enhance the texture and tone of your skin by “peeling” off dead skin cells and addressing specific concerns like acne breakouts and overly oily skin.

What is a VI Peel?

A VI Peel is a pre-blended skin rejuvenation chemical peel that is used to improve the skin’s appearance by exfoliating the epidermis and stimulating the growth of new cells. The different types of VI peels provide a rapid peeling action that makes the skin feel smoother, softer, tighter, and brighter, depending on your goals and skin concerns.

Benefits of a VI Peel

The different types of VI Peels offer remarkable, precisely blended formulas that provide dramatic skin tone improvement and a radiant, healthy tone utilizing your skin’s own potential for rejuvenation. The common ingredients in a VI chemical peel include salicylic acid, Vitamin C, retinoic acid, and nourishing minerals in varying concentrations for precise, consistent results. These ingredients support and stimulate rapid collagen remodeling, brighten skin, shrink pores, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Steps to maximize your results

To improve the results of the VI Peel, you can do the following before and after treatment:

  1. Prepare your skin to accept the peel

Obviously, before we begin a VI treatment at Elite Aesthetics & Wellness, we always make sure to cleanse your face to ensure no makeup or dirt will hinder its effects. However, you can boost your skin’s preparedness on the day of your appointment by avoiding wearing makeup if you’re able, and making sure it’s well cleansed to start. People with oily skin may not be able to prevent some daily buildup of excess oil, but that’s okay! We’ll make sure you start clean, no matter what.

  1. Protect your skin Pre and Post-treatment

For seven to ten days before and definitely after the procedure, you should faithfully protect your skin by:

  • Wearing SPF of at least 30 every day
  • Avoid spending too much time unprotected in the sun
  • Not taking medication such as aspirin and ibuprofen
  • Discontinuing the use of retinol, exfoliating acids or scrubs unless under professional guidance
  • Avoiding waxing or shaving your face

After treatment, you should completely avoid the sun for the first 24 hours. Wear SPF even on cloudy days to ensure you adequately protect your skin. The best sunscreen is broad-spectrum and non-comedogenic

  1. Schedule a series of treatments in advance

For the best results, a VI Peel should not be a one-time thing. For the best, most dramatic results, feel free to ask about scheduling a series of treatments with a few weeks in between for healing, as this will help maintain your results. You’ll be able to get rid of more severe skin problems, eliminate those wrinkles, and generally get magnificent results from your treatment with multiple sessions and/or multiple VI Peel formulas.

VI Chemical Peels in Newport Beach, CA

If you know it’s past time for you to enjoy the radiant, smooth, clear skin you’ve been dreaming of, Elite Aesthetics and Wellness has your back. Our team of professionals, led by Dr. D’Andra Lee, will give you glowing results. Start the process today by requesting a one-on-one consultation with our aesthetic experts by calling our office or contacting us online right now.

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